premium denim jeans industry is not dead

Clearly, the Premium Denim Jeans Industry Isn’t Dead

Clearly, the premium denim jeans industry isn’t dead. Here are 3 things to look out for when making your next premium denim purchase:

  1. Make sure the brand adapts to the ever evolving customer  needs while staying true to its original style that identify themselves. Today’s consumer is clear on the fact that they look for clothes to be comfortable and easy to wear. Premium denim brands can successfully meet these needs by introducing new styles and fabrics to mimic the comfort of sportswear, while continuing to manufacture classic styles that loyal customers keep coming back for.
  1. Make sure the brand delivers an engaging mobile experience. It is projected that mobile devices influenced more than $1 trillion in total purchases between online and offline transactions last year alone. That is a number that cannot be ignored. Mobile sales already make a huge impact but in 2015, our portfolio of premium denim brands saw a 103% year-over-year increase in mobile revenue on Turkey Day alone. With that said, any and all premium denim brands worthy of investment should have a website that is mobile optimized visually appealing and even more importantly easy to navigate.
  1. Make sure the brand is established. Brand loyalty is enormous for retailers to remain profitable as they are charging premium prices for their premium denim. This goes for the entire apparel industry but is particularly true for premium denim. In this niche, customer confidence is so closely associated with the perfect fit for them. Because of this, they pay a premium for that fit, and not only will they keep coming back for more, but they’ll also tell their family and friends making their word an essential way to increase brand awareness, and new customers since they are much more likely to buy something if someone they trust says the product is worth it.

When it comes to making purchases in the clothing industry, don’t overlook denim just yet despite the rising athleisure trend. Just be smart about where you invest your money. Premium denim jean brands that understand today’s consumer market and can effectively engage with these target audiences across multiple channels could be a very welcoming addition to your clothing portfolio.