Frankie B. Jeans Daniella Clark

The History of Frankie B. and Their Premium Denim Jeans

Frankie B. Jeans is a popular line of premium denim jeans created and launched by fame designer Daniella Clark in 1998. Daniella was born in Israel and later married a famous guitarist from Guns ā€˜nā€™ roses named Gilby Clark. Daniella started designing and making her own jeans and soon enough people started asking about them so the idea of marketing her own line of premium denim was born. Daniella Clark soon named the line after her little daughter Frankie. Inspired by ditto jeans she wore growing up in the 70s and 80s, Daniella decided to redesign and customize her own style of jean. Out of her creativity came the Frankie B. low rise jean along with many other styles. Since its creation, Frankie has always aimed to design jeans for women like her to wear. Her premium denim appeals to women who are relaxed, exude confidence, want a unique style and very feminine at the core. Other styles of Frankie B. Jeans include its bootcut jeans, wide leg jeans, stretch jeans, skinny jeans, and jeggings.

Daniella Clark has always tried to reinvent the classic style for a modern day style of fashion. She was approach by the creators of Ditto jeans, which she loved as a teen, and was happy to use her fashion expertise to reignite and bring back into popularity the brand of Ditto. Her Ditto line launched in the Spring 2007 collection and became an instant hit with many retailers and fashion outlets. In 2012, the Frankie B. skinny jeans were a fashion favorite in the designer line. A pair of Frankie B. Jeans can range from $100 to $300. Since its creation and launch, Frankie B. Jeans, which was originally just a premium denim jean, has became a brand that now includes dresses, tops, eyewear, and sportswear. Many famous celebrities such as Meg Ryan, Eva Langoria, Charlize Theron, and fergie have embraced the brand and are well known enthusiasts of Frankie B. Jeans when in public.