5 Steps to Longer Lasting Premium Denim Jeans

5 Steps to Longer Lasting Premium Denim Jeans

Finding that one pair of premium denim jeans that fits you like no other has before can sometimes take hours of trial and error in multiple dressing rooms on multiple occasions. Even if you do find “the one,” there is no guarantee that there is an exact replica and having to start from scratch once you need a new pair can feel like a lost cause.

Let’s say that you did find “the one” and you want to get the maximum lifetime possible from them. Throwing them in the washer on your basic spin cycle on a weekly basis will definitely not help your cause. Drying them in their entirety along with the rest of your darks will definitely age your perfect fitting jeans even more.

The list goes on about the does and don’ts of preserving jeans but let’s take a look at 5 simple steps that will make your favorite pair of premium denim jeans last as long as possible.

  1. Choose a durable pair of denim jeans. Since there are many different brands out there that differ in the durability department, it is important to become familiar with those that can survive certain instances as washings or if the life of the jeans deteriorates once it sees a washing machine. Usually jeans that are 12 oz. or more tend to last longer because the fabric is thicker. Heavier and thicker denim simply lasts longer.
  2. Spot clean first. Jeans don’t need a complete wash all the time. In fact, some Denim specialists only wash their jeans every 6 months but this is a conversation for another blog entry. Most of the time you can just target a spot without wearing out the shape. Some experts have admitted to using Windex on a tough stain or even rubbing alcohol will work on a worn-in grass stain.
  3. Keep the blues singing. To keep your colors from fading, make sure you turn your jeans inside out before washing to protect them from bleeding. If this has already happened you can always wash your faded jeans with dark, color rich denim that will bleed and give your faded jeans some new life. Another trick is adding a splash of clear vinegar to your wash, which adds an extra layer of color protection.
  4. Protect from thinning and rips. Even if you have the tiniest holes showing through they should be repaired at first sight to maximize the life of your jean. If you do end up throwing them in the wash make sure you at least turn the dial to delicate and try using environmentally friendly soaps without out bleach or bleach substitutes. Even washing your jeans without soap can sometimes give you a decent clean without wearing the denim fabric.
  5. Maintain the original fit. One thing that will expedite the aging process of your jeans and its perfect fit that you spent hours on end to find it the dryer. Try to avoid the dryer if at all possible but if you must, keep the cycle on low and remove while your jeans are still slightly damp and hang dry. This will smooth out wrinkles, prevent shrinking and maintain the pre-washed shape that the jeans were in when you bought them.

Thank you to Yahoo! Fashion and Piper Weiss, Shine Staff,  for the bulk of these great tips.

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