Counterfeit Premium Denim Jeans

Counterfeit Premium Denim Jeans

With the premium denim jean craze at one of it's highest points ever, there are more fake, counterfeit and imitated premium denim jeans out there more than ever. With some imitations being better than others, the amount that are out there just make it harder to determine which ones are real and leads us deeper towards temptation to purchase a pair.

Here at Premium Denim Jeans, we are going to provide detailed guides of all your popular premium denim jean brands to help you determine which jeans are fake and which ones are real because it just doesn't make sense to spend the money on a fake pair that is completely noticeable to the eye as well as to the hand when you could have spent a few more bucks to experience the real deal, which includes the comfort of real premium denim and all the small proper details of the denim that makes encourages the premium look.

There are many general factors that you can evaluate to help you determine whether the jean is real or an imitation across all premium denim jean brands, including fabric, stitching, labels and the wash. Fake premium denim is normally not premium denim and may feel stiffer and heavier. Most premium denim jean brands have unique pocket stitching and although it can be hard to spot, there are usually subtle differences when it's being copied. Just like the stitching, the labeling will have subtle differences as well so make sure you look at all the details. Lastly, there are no two washes that are the same when it comes to premium denim jeans so normally counterfeit premium denim tends to have a more uniform wash.

Once again, these are just general evaluation factors that may or may not help you decided whether or not the jean is an original premium denim jean. It will definitely help you pick out the bad imitations but in order to pick out even the best imitations, we will be writing counterfeit guides to all your favorite premium denim jean brands so subscribe to the blog and stay tuned!


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