Gustin: Redefining Menswear, Starting with Premium Denim Jeans

Gustin: Redefining Menswear, Starting with Premium Denim Jeans

Born in the birthplace of blue jeans, Gustin is a high-end brand based out of San Francisco. For the past six years, they have been trying to sell their selvedge premium denim jeans at major boutiques around the world for $205. Thanks to a Kickstarter, an online crowd funding platform, they are now selling the very same jeans to directly to their customers for the wholesale price of $81, with shipping included.

The way this whole campaign has unraveled is a story that not only catches the interest of premium denim endorsers but anyone who has ever dreamed of creating their own denim line or launching their own product in general, regardless of the industry. Gustin launched their Kickstarter campaign on January 7th and made it clear that if they raised $20,000, they would have enough to fund all the materials to start making more jeans. If they raised $40,000, they would be able to make an entire collection and their followers would be the ones that decided what they made. Another incentive was the pair of blue jeans that you received if you supported them with $81 or more. Do you think these incentives paid off?

Gustin currently has 13 days left of their Kickstarter campaign and they have already raised a whooping $215,838. With over 2,000 backers and people interested in their selvedge premium denim jeans, they are well on their way to capitalizing on their authenticity and Kickstarter success.

For a bit more history on Gustin and what their premium denim is all about, check out their Kickstarter page:

I know I'm about to fund them so I can receive my $81 pair of selvedge denim jeans!

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