Introducing Premium Denim Jeans and Our Online Store

Introducing Premium Denim Jeans and Our Online Store

It seems that not only America has a love affair with denim, or jeans, but the world in general. Something that used to be worn for function, such as working in the fields, farms or mines, has become a staple garment in International fashion, with numerous variations available.

The original denim product was mainly manufactured as pants or overalls that were a stiff formed fabric, prior to being worn in. As jeans have become more of a fashion statement, rather than worn as protection, the textile industry has found new ways to process the fabric with more comfort and style, creating a premium denim jean. New technology provided ways for manufacturers of denim to create the look and feel of a worn in product before it even has a chance to get worn in.


What Exactly is Premium Denim?

Denim is a cotton twill type of fabric that in its raw form is rather stiff and typically a dark indigo (dark blue) color. Eventually, the raw denim fabric becomes broken in, worn or faded in color, with a relaxed fit over time – but the geniuses of the fashion and textile industries have created various methods of “washes” that speed up that worn in feeling, as well as the creation of unique finishes to denim from color to texture.

With these complex processes in place, these premium denim jeans are normally made of Japanese or Italian denim where there is an even softer hand on the various washes and contain at least 2% stretch fibers. These stretch fibers play a big role in the difference between regular denim jeans and premium denim jeans. The stretch fibers are then specifically positioned in the thighs, hips, and seats of the jeans, allowing for the perfect amount of give, but preventing unwanted bagginess overall creating the perfect fit.



Introducing Our Online Store

From all your favorite premium denim jean brands to global brands that you never head of before, we will be creating one of the most complete handcurated premium denim online stores in existense. Not only will you see jeans but other denim apparel and accessories as well. Stay tuned and visit often as we will be adding product weekly to our epic premium denim online store!


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