Premium Denim Jeans in the Eyes of Consumers

Premium Denim Jeans in the Eyes of Consumers

Denim jeans are a staple wardrobe selection amongst consumers worldwide. This is mainly due to their comfort and versatility. The versatility factor allows business professionals to wear denim jeans to work on a daily basis, which sky rockets the figures of how often people wear denim jeans and is a contributing factor to the never ending demand of denim jeans no matter where you are in the world or what the status of your economy is. According to Cotton Incorporated's Lifestyle Monitor, 96% of consumers own denim jeans. On average, each person has about 7 pairs.

When it comes to factors that drive the consumer's denim jean purchases most of us will be a bit surprised. Price, which is often a controversial topic when it comes to not only premium denim jeans but all denim jeans in general, is the third most important factor that buyers allow to affect their decision. The second factor being style and the third being fit. These figures alone show us how the premium denim jean brands are not only surviving in these harsh economic times, but excelling in most cases within the fashion industry even when some of their jeans cost a few hundred dollars. According to all other apparel, price is the top purchasing factor, making denim jeans a special scenario.

Even with the downward spiral on consumer spending, sales of premium denim jeans have grown and are expected to remain at this point for years to come. Although there are plenty of people out their that appreciate premium denim jeans and are willing to spend whatever they cost in order to have them, there isn't really a brand out there that is known for affordable premium denim jeans. You have your brands like Gap and Old Navy that have decided to get themselves involved in the premium denim jean market, but since that is not what people know them for it's not taking off as much as they wanted it too.

This is where Epic Brand, a newly introduced online specialty retailer, comes into play. They are currently designing and manufacturing super comfortable plain t-shirts, including tri-blends and 100% cotton with a great fit, as well as premium denim jeans, including some with a 2% stretch as well as some that are 100% cotton, all at affordable prices so stay tuned for more on Epic Brand and be sure to check out their website at

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