True Religion Brand Jeans | Premium Denim Jeans

True Religion Brand Jeans | Premium Denim Jeans

True Religion Brand Jeans hit the pop culture scene in 2002 and was quickly adopted by many consumers as well as celebrities, making it a household name within the premium denim jean market. The brand image has always been one of quality and class. With this American-made concept and it's bohemian flair, True Religion Brand Jeans has gone on to create various styles that appeal to many and a guaranteed best fit.

Based of of Los Angeles, like many other American-made premium denim jeans, Jeffrey Lubel had an inspiration from jeans styles of the 1970's and wanted to create a new and quality version of premium denim jeans. The lifetime guarantee policy that is in place with all True Religion Brand Jeans is very appealing to many. If something malfunctions after being purchased, they will be replaced free of charge.

In addition to their worldwide recognition and brand image, True Religion has always put an effort towards differentiating themselves from its competitors. Features that I'm sure we have all grown to love or hate are their larger than usual jean pockets with flaps and thick white stitching.

Even with a roller coaster of an economy, True Religion has been increasing their sales from year-to-year and currently have their jeans in over 700 boutiques in the United States as well as high-end department stores and a strong international presence, with a European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany and jeans being sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Throughout both the United States and the rest of the world they also have over 100 storefronts which allow them to showcase their products in an environment with characteristics of the lifestyle that they are promoting.

Today, True Religion Brand Jeans are not only known for their premium denim jeans but other apparel like t-shirts, western shirts and other knits with a vintage feel and look. With continued product expansion, True Religion has also put a foot into headwear, swimwear, eyewear, hoosiery, socks and fragrance. With more product then they have ever had, they can't loose sight of their original product, premium denim jeans.

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