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Committed to using the highest quality materials for their premium denim jeans, combining Southern California casual with pure sophistication, Paige Denim was born and raised in Los Angeles. As a top fit model for nearly 10 years, Paige Adams-Geller created Paige in 2004 in order to launch a denim line with trend setting pieces using her abundance of knowledge within the denim industry. Launching only with women’s jeans, Paige decided to start a men’s denim collection shortly after in the same year. With the success rate over the next 3 years, she launched a maternity and petite line in 2007 using her expertise in fit to custom contour her jeans. Now available in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, you can also find Paige Denim featured in over 80 countries worldwide. Check out Paige’s latest collection of premium denim jeans at:

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